Finish Up Courses Advanced

Finish Up Courses Advanced

It’s always something.  My instructor is never available for me.  I’m frustrated with my school’s scheduling!  The airplanes are never there when I want to fly.  We’ve heard them all.

No one ever starts something they don’t want to finish and aviation is no different.  However our Finish Up Courses are some of our most popular programs.  If you are one of the 80% of people who have started flight training but haven’t finished, you are not alone.  We’ll take a look at where you’re at and design a program – just for you – that will enable you to put your training behind you so you can enjoy aviation, once and for all!
A Finish-Up Course could be anything from “I started my training 25 years ago with a few lessons and now I want to finish-up” to “I was scheduled to take my checkride on Tuesday but the airport is having their runway re-paved and all of our planes are stuck on the ground for a month”.  As you can imagine, these are two very different courses.  Whatever your particular situation is, we’ll review your logbook, we’ll fly with you to identify your talents are as well as the areas we need to focus our attention.  We’ll put together a course based on your unique aviation training circumstances.  Most importantly, we’ll get you finished up!

Your Next Step … ?

~Grab your logbook and give us a call at 630.466.1755.  We’ll design a customized solution to get you done!